"As usual, the carpet looks beautiful. Kevin is a joy to work with and I tout your services all over the valley. Thanks for helping me get a good deal!"Pam, Spokane

"The technician was very professional and the carpet looks wonderful. He got all the pet stains out and the room doesn't smell anymore. I've heard about your company before, but now I can say I love you guys."Tracey F., Spokane

"We're very happy. (Your technician) worked diligently and the rug looks marvelous" - Shawn, regarding his hand woven wool rug.Shawn, Spokane

"Chem-Dry is so great! And Kevin works so hard, as usual. You can really tell the difference between a machine you rent at the store to Chem-Dry I was a real estate agent for years and I INSIST that my clients use Chem-Dry"Mikki, Spokane

"David did an excellent job, I'm very satisfied. He took his time and paid special attention to all the spots. My carpet looks wonderful."Tamera, Deer Park, WA

"I could not believe the carpet came out that clean! My only regret is not calling you sooner."Molly , Spokane

"I was just commenting to my husband that our furniture looks brand new! We have three kids, so it gets pretty trashed; but it looks just great now!"Adrian, Spokane

"Oh my goodness, our carpet looks wonderful! It's the cleanest it's ever been."Arlene, Spokane

"Best carpet cleaning we've ever had! We used another company for years; but are AMAZED with what your cleaning did for our old carpet!"Robin, Otis Orchards

On Chem-Dry's area rug pick up and delivery service: "It's a door to door service, really. Very convenient. What could be easier than picking up the phone, having your rug picked up, cleaned, then dropped off? There's no hassle, no stress!"Beth, Greenacres

"Everything just feels so fresh and clean. They always do such a good job."Shirlee, Spokane

"Chem-Dry of Spokane is no-nonsense, no-excuses! The technician looked everything over, listened to our requests concerning specific areas and then got to work. He didn't suggest that our carpet would be difficult or that it was "old" and wouldn't clean well. When he was finished, it looked like it was new! It was a very professional job and when the technician left, I didn't have to "touch things up." In the past I've had to repaint woodwork and wall blemishes from carpet cleaners banging into doors, walls and trim. With the exception of the sound of the cleaning machine, I wouldn't have known the technician was in the house." Kim G.

"I was looking at new couches there for a while; but now I don't have to. Mine looks great!"Elaine, Spokane

"The carpet looks awesome! Everybody was raving about it."Barbara B, Spokane

"Dear Chem-Dry of Spokane, I cannot praise your service and staff enough! When I called at the last minute to get my son’s rental house carpets cleaned, the office personnel was extremely friendly and understanding. The technician sent over that morning to give us a quote was just nice and very knowledgeable. He treated my son and his roommates with respect and thoroughly explained the Chem-Dry process to us. We were fit into the schedule that afternoon, with two other technicians cleaning the carpets. They also were friendly and knowledgable, explaining the process again. Four young adult men had rented this house, and the carpets were fairly dirty. After the Chem Dry cleaning they looked like new! We were extremely pleased with the outcome. I will recommend Chem-Dry to all my friends and acquaintances." Kathy G.

"The carpet sure looks good... it's older carpet and hasn't been cleaned in forever, but they came out really nice!" Bill S.

“Everything looks excellent and smells much better." Mrs. M, Spokane

“When the technician showed me with the black light all of the spots my puppy had marked in my house I about died. We had no idea what our dog was doing when we weren’t home! The technician was very helpful, explaining exactly how the P.U.R.T. worked and assuring me that it wouldn’t harm my wool rug or my carpet. When the treatment was done, all of the stains came up, the smell was gone and we took the puppy to obedience classes!”Jennifer S.

“David did a great job! He was just fantastic!” Margaret C., Spokane

"I have used Chem-Dry of Spokane for five years. They do an exceptional job of cleaning, making walkways disappear. It makes the whole house feel clean and tidy. The benefits we value the most about their service are good deep cleanings, timely appointments, and good management. They hire clean, honest people I'm not afraid to have in my home!"Susan H.

"My carpets look fantastic after having Chem-Dry of Spokane clean them. We have been using a steam cleaner for years and never had these results. The technician was efficient, friendly, a super guy! I'm scheduling Chem-Dry to clean my mother's house and a church building I help with."Brian S.

“Perfect! Couldn’t have gone any better.” Larry D., Spokane

“The (PURT) treatment worked really well, it got all of the odor out.” Russ D., Spokane

“I am very, very happy with how my rug turned out. Your technician really put a lot of work into it and it looks great.” Carol H., Spokane

“My carpets look like new, they look wonderful.” Maria A., Spokane

“I’ve used other companies in the past and was happy with them; but I’m much happier with you – I’ll continue to use you.” “The technician was polite, thorough, and hard-working. I would 100% recommend him.” Carolyn W., Cheney

“Oh my gosh, the carpets look wonderful! Just like they’re new!" Sheila S., Spokane

“They did an amazing job! Carpets are 20 years old and they made them look like brand new again!” Judy and Mike

“Excellent work” John C., Spokane

“Sam did a great job. Carpets look new.” Carol V., Spokane

“We are pleased with our clean carpet. Kevin did a great job – he was very thorough and he took the time and effort to make sure we were clear about the process, the total cost and the time the cleaning would take. Thank you so much for a great experience; I look forward to working with you all again.” Debbie B., Spokane

“He even got nail polish out – can you believe that?!” Lucille G., Liberty Lake

“(My cleaning) went very well! The technician was lovely to work with and he got out the crazy spots I had.” Susan B., Liberty Lake

“I had very old, dirty carpet – Steve got it so clean I CANNOT believe it! He’s a miracle worker.” Connie R., Spokane

“The thing we like most about Chem-Dry is it doesn’t take days to dry like the other places.” Mr. S., Spokane

“My technician was great!! Super job. Rug looks fabulous. Very thoughtful about our pets – I cant say enough about how pleased we are.” Terry R., Spokane

“Sam did an excellent job. Good experience. Carpet looks good.” Arden C., Spokane

“You’re always the best!” Ron S., Deer Park

“Steve did a great job!” Mae D., Elk

“We don’t recall a better cleaning or a more friendly service call than provided by your technician. This gentleman is your greatest asset.” Jan and Rich , Spokane

“Your technician paid particular attention to details, especially along the edges of the carpet. I appreciated his use of the plastic guards.” Susan B., Spokane

“Your technician was the nicest, most polite serviceman we have ever had come to our home. I felt comfortable and he did a wonderful job.” Angie M., Spokane

"Great job! Best cleaning I've ever had in 37 years."Dorothy F.

"The technician removed all my stains, was friendly, and was on time!"Courtney B.

"Steve was very professional and knowledgeable. Thorough explanation of my guarantee. I will use Chem-Dry again!"William M.

"I adore the Chem-Dry checklist of cleaning carpet. Kevin and Steve really know how to make a home beautiful. Kudos to all of you!" Shari K.

"We are very, very impressed with the courtesy of Kevin (technician) and the overall professionalism of your company."L.W.

"I'm very happy with the result of my carpet cleaning. I did the "white socks test" for a day and my socks were still white at the end of the day!"Gerrie

"My carpets look great! Serviceman very professional and friendly." Kathy J.

"We are very, very impressed with the courtesy of Kevin and the overall professionalism of your company." Lana W.

"Wow! My carpets are like new! Thank you!" Cynthia F.

"I always ask for David because I know he will do an excellent job." Eileen B.

"My technician did an amazing job! The carpet in the whole house is spotless. He was very careful will all the furniture." Pat F.

“I used to go with another company for a few years and I was never happy with it. It stayed wet too long and didn’t seem to get as clean. Now that I use you (Chem-Dry of Spokane) I’m very pleased with how the carpets turn out.” Janine K.

“Great people, great company & wonderful job, Kevin!” Janine K.

“The carpet looks wonderful, the technician really did a great job. We will always use Chem-Dry of Spokane.” Melissa N.

“Perfect! Everything looks absolutely wonderful!” Peggy W.

“I’ve been in the business for 25 years, so I know what needs done. I can’t believe how clean Sam (technician) got everything! I am very impressed.” Rick P.

“It’s like walking on clouds!” Doug L.

“Carpet looks great. The deep cleaning and special interest was appreciated.” Gale C.

“The young man was very nice, professional, and did a nice job.” Margaret W.

“Wouldn’t have anyone else! Your service is excellent.” Lorraine H.

“Thank you for doing an extra thorough job!” Pat G.

“Everything went wonderfully. I cant say enough nice things about your technician and the cleaning.” Gene H.

“Kevin is awesome! The house looks beautiful and the protectant works great!” Sharon K.

“Everything looks fantastic! Your technicians did an awesome, amazing job!” Judy M.

“Worker was very friendly and competent, he did a very good job.” Don M.

"Looks beautiful - Kevin always does a good job. I've already referred you to a friend of mine who has an identical airplane." Paul L.